Invited Student Speakers

Student Oral Presentations, Friday afternoon,
November 2, 2018

Selected undergraduate student presenters have been invited based on research topic, abstract quality and willingness to present an oral platform talk.  These oral platform sessions will be scheduled between 3:15-5:00 pm on Friday afternoon.

(Note: Those authors who have not received invitations to present platform talks will present research posters on Saturday morning in Hillside Auditorium on the campus of UA-Fayetteville.)

Biology Oral Presentations

(Eureka Springs Ballroom)

Brandon Hogland, Harding University
(3:20 p.m.) Discovery of Novel antimicrobial peptides from the venom of the wolf spider, Rabidosa rabida

Ruth Victoriano, University of Arkansas-Fort Smith
(3:35 p.m.) Antioxidant Assessment of Stilbenoid-rich Extracts from Peanut Hairy Roots

Jonathan Jenkins, Hendrix College
(3:50 p.m.) Collagen Increases Apoptotic Resistance in Papillary Thyroid Cancer Cell Lines Harboring BRAFV600E Mutations 

Hannah Zang, Lyon College
(4:05 p.m.) Mutational analyses of a factor promoting cytoplasmic ribosome maturation in S.cerevisiae

Grace Young, University of Arkansas-Little Rock
(4:20 p.m.) Using DOPE-FISH Microscopy to Image Ecologically Important, Multi-Taxon Bacterial Communities

Taylor Hill, University of Arkansas-Pine Bluff
(4:35 p.m.) Identifying Gar, Catfish, Red Snapper, Tuna, Carp, and Sea Bass Using DNA Bar coding

Chemistry and Biochemistry Oral Presentations

(Bella Vista Room)

Emily N. H. Tran, University of Central Arkansas
(3:20 p.m.) Squaramide-based anti-parasitic drugs toward the discovery of novel treatments for American trypanosomiasis

Madison Perchik, Rhodes College
(3:35 p.m.) The Effects of Proton Abstraction on the Binding Selectivity of Ligands in the Phenylalanine Hydroxylase Active Site

Anna Pinson, Harding University
(3:50 p.m.) Identification of Oxidative Enzymes in the Metabolism of Synthetic Cannabinoid 5F-AKB-48

Fernanda Hernandez Sanchez, University of the Ozarks
(4:05 p.m.) Chemical Approaches for Investigating Cancer Growth Inhibition and Male Contraception by DEC-TEC and PROTAC

Benjamin D. Justice, Arkansas Tech University
(4:20 p.m.) Human Glioblastoma Multiforme Growth Retardation by Inhibition of Cystine Transport

Jordan Trant, Lyon College
(4:35 p.m.) Fighting Drug Resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis Using Modified Rifamycins

Physics Oral Presentations

(Petit Jean Room)

Ariel Rogers, Truman State University
(3:20 p.m.) Single-Cell Investigation of the Effects of DC Electric Current on Bacteria

Levi R. Humbard, Pittsburg State University
(3:35 p.m.) Effects of Thickness Gradient on Magnetoresistance in a Co/Pt Multilayer

Arturo Morales Barrios, John Brown University
(3:50 p.m.) The Slip-Stick Behavior of the Friction Force on a Body on an Inclined Plane

Lucas Blake, Southern Arkansas University
(4:05 p.m.) Gas Sensing in a Microresonator System Using Non-Adiabatic Tapered Fibers

Jack Freeland, University of Arkansas-Fayetteville
(4:20 p.m.) Mechanical energy based amplifiers for probing interactions of DNA with metal ions

Christopher Michael Klenke, Missouri State University
(4:35 p.m.) Molecular Dynamic Simulations to Study Tunnel Barrier Layer Formation in Ultra-Thin Film Alumina



As noted, a very limited number of undergraduate students were selected and invited to give the oral platform presentations noted above during the afternoon of November 2, 2018.
(Note: Those authors who have not been invited to present platform talks will present research posters on Saturday morning in Hillside Auditorium on the campus of UA-Fayetteville.  The chemistry and biology platform speakers will not present posters.  Unless the presenting author has been otherwise notified, all submitted abstracts have been accepted for poster presentations.)


  • Additional information about co-authors, abstract text, references and footnotes will be available in the complete list of abstracts in Conference Program.