Invited Student Speakers

Student Oral Presentations, Friday afternoon,
October 25, 2019

Selected undergraduate student presenters have been invited based on research topic, abstract quality and willingness to present an oral platform talk.  These oral platform sessions will be scheduled between 3:15-5:00 pm on Friday afternoon.

(Note: Those authors who have not received invitations to present platform talks will present research posters on Saturday morning in Hillside Auditorium on the campus of UA-Fayetteville.)

Biology Oral Presentations

(Brodie Payne Room)

Jenna Rodgers, University of Arkansas at Little Rock
(3:20 p.m.) N-Acetylcysteine Protects Zebrafish from Verapamil Toxicity

Huddoy Mheto Walters, University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff
(3:35 p.m.) Effects of Docetaxel, Doxorubicin and Cyclophosphamide on Cerebellar Synaptic Plasticity

Alicen Wilcox, Harding University
(3:50 p.m.) Extracellular TDP-43 Alters Migroglial Polarization

Hannah Wu, Lyon College
(4:05 p.m.) Bactericidal Activity of Azadirachta indica Compounds Against Helicobacter pylori

Olivia Lawler, John Brown University
(4:20 p.m.) The Implications of Gadd45g Localization and its Potential Influence on the H19 Transcript

Spencer Greer, Ouachita Baptist University
(4:35 p.m.) Effects of Varying Light Wavelengths and Gravity on Phototaxis of Dictyostelium discoideum

Chemistry and Biochemistry Oral Presentations

(Trammel Room)

Kayla Churchwell, Ouachita Baptist University
(3:20 p.m.) Biomimetic Poly(Acrylic Acid) Fiber Scaffolds for Biomedical Applications

Harrison Russell, Hendrix College
(3:35 p.m.) EPR Spectroscopic Determination of Divalent Metal Ion Coordination in DNA Hairpin Loops

Keren Lee, Rhodes College
(3:50 p.m.) Experimental Investigation of Solvatochromic Molybdenum(III) Complexes for Potential Use in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells

Caroline Kornelsen, University of Arkansas at Little Rock
(4:05 p.m.) Investigation of Förster Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) in Ionic Materials (IMs)

Britny Kirkpatrick, Harding Chemistry
(4:20 p.m.) Synthesis of a Melanin Concentrating Hormone Receptor 1 Analog to use as a means to Eliminate Substance Addiction

Ali Abdulrahim, University of Central Arkansas
(4:35 p.m.) Iron-heteroscorpionates with tunable magnetic properties

Physics Oral Presentations

(Levon Helm Room)

Anna Corbitt, Southern Arkansas University
(3:20 p.m.) Growth and Characterization of 1T and 2H Transition Metal Dichalcogenides

Andrew He, University of Arkansas-Fayetteville
(3:35 p.m.) Improving Research Output Through A Transition to Graph Databasing Methods

Kayleigh Johnson, University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff
(3:50 p.m.) Bacterial Motility and Chemotaxis at Different Concentrations of Magnesium Sulfate

Hassan Khanaferi Pour, University of Central Arkansas
(4:05 p.m.) Addressing Data integrity Problem in Medical Embedded Systems at Various Abstraction Levels

Nathan Murillo, Oklahoma Baptist University
(4:20 p.m.) Investigation of the Phase Structure of Hermite-Gauss Laser Beams

Dylan Mitchell, Hendrix College
(4:35 p.m.) Design and implementation of 3D printable optomechanical components



As noted, a very limited number of undergraduate students were selected and invited to give the oral platform presentations noted above during the afternoon of October 25, 2019.
(Note: Those authors who have not been invited to present platform talks will present research posters on Saturday morning in Hillside Auditorium on the campus of UA-Fayetteville.  The chemistry and biology platform speakers will not present posters.  Unless the presenting author has been otherwise notified, all submitted abstracts have been accepted for poster presentations.)


  • Additional information about co-authors, abstract text, references and footnotes will be available in the complete list of abstracts in Conference Program.