Invited Student Speakers

Student speakers for 2018 will be invited after the closing date for the submission of abstracts.


Student Oral Presentations, Friday afternoon,
October 27, 2017


Selected undergraduate student presenters have been invited based on research topic, abstract quality and willingness to present an oral platform talk.  These oral platform sessions will be scheduled between 3:15-5:00 pm on Friday afternoon.

(Note: Those authors who have not received invitations to present platform talks will present research posters on Saturday morning in Hillside Auditorium on the campus of UA-Fayetteville.)

Biology Oral Presentations

(Eureka Springs Ballroom)

Joe Tolar, Harding University
(3:20 p.m.) Investigation of Non-Canonical Activation of p38 During Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress

Daniel N. Games, Ouachita Baptist University
(3:35 p.m.) Visualizing Gamma Herpes Virus Replication Using Viruses that Encode Fluorescently-Tagged Proteins

Yari Mosley, University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff
(3:50 p.m.) Genetic Dissection of the Neural Circuit Underlying Cold Nociceptive Behavior

Julio Molina-Pineda, University of the Ozarks
(4:05 p.m.) Antioxidant Carbon Nanoparticle Results in Novel Auditory Response in Mice

Ethan Chernivec, University of Central Arkansas
(4:20 p.m.) Exploring the Effect of Rotenone, an Inducer of Parkinson’s Disease, on Mitochondrial Dynamics in Dictyostelium discoideum

Moira Murdoch. Hendrix College
(4:35 p.m.) qPCR Analysis of Hippocampal Oxidative Stress in Mice Treated with Cranial Radiation and Sulforaphane


Chemistry and Biochemistry Oral Presentations

(Bella Vista Room)

Jason Lam, University of Arkansas at Monticello
(3:20 p.m.) Medium Throughput Extraction of Nanocellulose From Cellulose

Alison Luscomb, University of Arkansas at Fort Smith
(3:35 p.m.) Synthesis of Functionalized Nanocages for Engineering Nanoscale Stem Cell Scaffolds

William R. Hayes, Hendrix College
(3:50 p.m.) Design of an Open-Source Stopped-Flow Absorption Spectrometer

C. Skyler Cochrane, Rhodes College
(4:05 p.m.) Design, Synthesis, and Affinity of Dopaminergic Derivatives in SULT1A3

Mallory Bryant, Harding University
(4:20 p.m.) Identifying the Structure of Fat Mobilizing Substance (FMS-1) Associated with Congenital Lipodystrophy

Taylor Hammonds, University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff
(4:35 p.m.) Effect of Novel Compounds on Hydrogen Peroxide-Induced Cataract Formation in Cultured Bovine Lenses


Physics Oral Presentations

(Petit Jean Room)

Kassey Cole, Southern Arkansas University
(3:20 p.m.) Suppression of Radiation-Induced Chromosome Damage by vitamin E Gamma-Tocotrienol

Mercedes Winfrey, University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff
(3:35 p.m.) A Study of Hybrid Electric Propulsion Solutions for Short Range Commuter Operations

Nathan Flood, Pittsburg State University
(3:50 p.m.) Noise Hunting: Mitigating Noise Sources in Virgo pre-O2

Sophia McKinney, Southern Arkansas University
(4:05 p.m.) Dynamic Response of Yeast Cells using Automated Microfluidic Devices

Phoebe Sharp, Rhodes College
(4:20 p.m.) Ultrasonic bone assessment using a time domain analysis of back scatter signals from cancellous bone

Austin Bollinger, Missouri State University
(4:35 p.m.) Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Layered Metallic Systems


As noted, a very limited number of undergraduate students were selected and invited to give the oral platform presentations noted above during the afternoon of October 27, 2017.
(Note: Those authors who have not been invited to present platform talks will present research posters on Saturday morning in Hillside Auditorium on the campus of UA-Fayetteville.  The chemistry and biology platform speakers will not present posters.  Unless the presenting author has been otherwise notified, all submitted abstracts have been accepted for poster presentations.)


  • Additional information about co-authors, abstract text, references and footnotes will be available in the complete list of abstracts in Conference Program.