Conference Schedule

The 2017 Conference took place on Oct 27-28.



The timing extended from noon Friday until noon Saturday, October 27-28, 2017.  (Parking information appears at the bottom of this page.)

Location:  Fayetteville Town Square and University of Arkansas Campus


October 27       –  Fayetteville Town Square

  • 12:00 – 1:30 Registration  –  Chancellor Hotel, Atrium, Second Floor
    Information Tables
  • 1:30  Invited Faculty Platform Plenary Session
  • 3:15  Invited Student Platform Sessions  –  physics, chemistry, biology.
  • 5:15  Student and Faculty Discussion Groups
  • 6:30  Banquet  –  Fayetteville Town Center
  • 7:15  Keynote Speaker – Dr. Jun Ye, Ph.D., Fellow of JILA, Member of National Academy of Sciences

October 28           –  University of Arkansas Campus

  • 7:45 Breakfast  –  Hillside Auditorium and Physics Building
  • 8:00  Poster session A  (posters come down at 9:00)
  • 9:15  Poster session B  (posters come down at 10:15)
  • 10:30  Workshops  –  assigned locations
  • 11:55  Awards and closing session  –  Hillside Auditorium 202


Friday parking is complimentary in the Municipal Parking Garage, behind the Chancellor Hotel, third level only (or first level card access for registered guests of the Chancellor Hotel).  Parking in the parking garage behind the Town Center is free from 12:30 pm until 9:00 pm Friday.

Saturday parking is free on the UA campus in designated yellow-sign lots and parking decks.