Arkansas INBRE 2010 Conference


2010 Presentation Awards

Biological Sciences

1st place oral competitionJohn Gomez, Ouachita Baptist University “Characterization of AnCoA4, a Novel Store Operated Calcium Channel Inhibitor”

2nd place oral competitionHayley Warsinske, Hendrix College “The Effects of Prenatal Steroids on the Rectus Abdominus Muscle in Fetal Guinea Pigs”

1st place poster competition – Ryne Ramaker, UALR
2nd place poster competition – Emily Coffman, Ouachita Baptist University
3rd place poster completion – Joseph Harvey, Missouri State University

Chemistry and Biochemistry

1st place oral competitionBrian Besel, University of Central Arkansas “Existing Tris(pyrazolyl)borate and Functional Nickel(II) Coordination”

2nd place oral competitionJessica Hartman, UALR “Butadiene Epoxide Metabolites Inhibit CYP2E1 Activity”

1st place poster competitionAlyssa Brock, Lyon College
2nd place poster competitionGrace Whitaker, Ouachita Baptist University
3rd place poster completionAshley Rosenberg, University of Arkansas


1st place oral competitionChris Schroeder, University of Oklahoma “Protecting Against Decoherence in Qubit Systems”

2nd place oral competitionClayton Martin, Southern Arkansas University “(α,n) Induced Background Radiation Rates in Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay of Xenon-136”

1st place poster competitionMartin Hawron, Southern Arkansas University
2nd place poster competitionWilliam Lewis, University of Arkansas
3rd place poster competition – Asami Nishikawa, University of Central Arkansas

Only posters with undergraduate participation and where the presenter is an undergraduate, qualified for the awards. Students who did not receive an award for the oral presentation but presented a poster were considered in the poster competition.

At least two judges selected from various institutions judged each presentation. No judge evaluated an oral presentation or poster from his/her institution.